Roller Skates and Leg Warmers

Martha Claire, my 5 year old, went to her first roller skating party yesterday.  I can’t believe she is big enough to roller skate.  Of course, my 9 year old is already “so over” roller skating and has moved on to roller blading.  When did this happen?  It wasn’t so long ago I was sporting the leg warmers and jamming out under the disco ball to Kool and the Gang’s “Celebration” at the Jelly Beans roller rink.  Okay, it was kind of long ago.  But, it really was just yesterday my little ladies were as high as my knee.  Where does the time go? 

I did manage to skip out of chaperone duty for the party.  Richard took Marfy and stayed for the whole 2 hours and 15 minutes of chaotic roller-wheeling bliss.  He made it about an hour and a half before he texted me in his anguish, looking for relief.  Brahahahaha…so many ballet and piano lessons, tennis clinics, soccer practices, PTO meetings, gymnastics classes, princess parties, and choir rehearsals to make up for!  I could not muster much sympathy for his tortured soul.  I love watching my children experience every moment of life, but it’s good to have a break sometimes, especially when it involves 200 kids, cake, and wheels.  Richard did observe that Marfy was actually grooving by the end of the party, albeit a jerky groove, and she did manage to find some balance on her wheels.  This is more than I can say for myself.  Last time I tried my feet on skates, it was not pretty.  Roller skating is NOT like riding a bike, the body can forget what was second nature in 1984.

The end result is that Martha Claire has developed a new interest.  She wants to rule the Roller Derby.  Or, at least be able to stay on the floor during “fast skate.”  But,  knowing her, it’s likely to end in a long and decorated career in the Roller Derby.  It’s good to have goals.  While I was out shopping this weekend I did come across some leg warmers for the girls.  I was horrified and excited all at the same time.  They might find their way into stockings this Christmas – the circle of life, shaped kind of like a disco ball… come on, it’s a celebration!


4 thoughts on “Roller Skates and Leg Warmers

  1. Gloria says:

    Leg warmers are so cool! Ashten’s got so many pairs. It’s funny to see the things that were cool when we were kids come back in style, huh? (Oh, and how grown up does Martha Claire look in that last picture? Wow!)

  2. Katherine Thompson says:

    I had black speed skates with silver shoe laces and hot pink wheels!! I was HOT!!

  3. greerhome says:

    Love it!! Marfy is soo the roller queen. I am so glad for the reminder that life is a celebration, even if it involves leg warmers!! I miss you!

  4. CarolPinar DeFord says:

    My son Andrew, your ____(fill in 2nd,3rd) cousin, ‘s girlfriend is in Roller Derby and he is a referee!

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