No Such Thing as Enough Lights

December is here!  Christmas, Advent calendars, Gingerbread houses, Nutcrackers, music, and, of course, the tree!  We try to pick ours out the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Yes, we still hold to the tradition of picking out a cut tree.  Every year we think we might buy a fake tree, but then we put the fresh tree up and the smell permeates the house, and I just can’t imagine Christmas without that nostalgia-filled, piney scent.  Yum.    

In our household, I reign as the tree light queen.  It is an obsession.  The 2nd year we were married I saw a Martha Stewart show where she recommended 100 lights per foot of tree.  With all due respect, Martha Stewart is a wimp with regards to Christmas Tree lights.  Last year we blazed 1500 bulbs on our humble 8 foot Frasier Fir.  I am not kidding, it is an obsession.  In and out every branch, every stem, all the way around…it takes forever, but there is nothing like how that tree glows in the living room.  We light it up around 5:00 mountain time every night, so if you look real close you can probably see it all the way from Atlanta. 

Richard’s least favorite day of the year is January 2, when he has to remove my lovingly wrapped oogles of strands from the tree.  It is shocking what is left behind without the lights.  Charlie Brown might be jealous.

Yes, I know, it is sometimes sad the things that consume my attention and time, but this morning I had a particularly happy reason to think of our blazing glory of a Christmas tree.   And, as my fourth grader would say, I made a “connection.” December 1, the first day of the advent calendar, and William got to place a star on our manger scene (we have a metal scene which has 24 little boxes framing it, each one with a magnetic person or thing to be placed in the manger scene).  It’s William’s first year of really participating in the advent calendar, and so sweet to my heart to see all three of them thrilled for the placing of the first piece of the scene, even though it’s Caroline’s 5th year through this same one!  The verse I chose to go with the star today was John 8:12, When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”  I had to illustrate with pictures, I love those visual aids…

What is left of the tree when the lights have been removed.


2 thoughts on “No Such Thing as Enough Lights

  1. Gloria says:

    What a pretty tree! At least you got the good job of putting the lights on instead of taking them off. 🙂

  2. Kristy says:

    I agree with Gloria 🙂 Wish we could have a real tree…I am freakishly allergic to them and commence to sneezing anytime I come within about 500 feet of one. I am good friends with the Balsam room spray at Bath & Body Works!

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