If Only in Our Hearts

This Christmas was a first for our little family.  It was our first Christmas without any extended family sharing the big day with us in our home or without us travelling to share it with others.  I did shed a couple tears, I must confess…we all got dressed up and had dinner together, and it was so strange to have empty seats and just the five of us around the table.  Of course, where there is a void God will often fill it in humbling ways that you don’t expect, and the week before Christmas presented many opportunities to help others going through difficult times or loss.  Witnessing the families who lost husbands and fathers in the weeks leading up to Christmas this year or those who are worrying over newborns in intensive care gives good perspective on how full our table really is.

A few especially bright moments for us were:

Christmas Eve, I called my sister in Atlanta, and we happened to catch them at the moment that Papa was sitting down to read The Night Before Christmas to all of my nieces and nephews, so courtesy of the Speaker Phone, all of the cousins got to hear the story together:

Following Along while Papa reads via Speaker Phone


Christmas Dinner, ahhh, the joys of tripods and camera timers…We opened crackers and all were game for crown-wearing except William, our lone hold-out.  He was a total Party Popper Pooper (alright, couldn’t help myself)  We did the goofy shot because, well, we are those people…

William was also a hold-out for the goofy shot, guess the little dude has too much dignity…I’m not worried, he’ll learn!


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