Looks can Be Deceiving

Okay, where in the world am I?  In Denver, Colorado it is supposed to snow- now.  Our average first snowfall is October 14.  This year we have had pretty much zip.  Nada.  Nothin’.  I was a little sorrowful about our not-so-white Christmas, especially since my Georgia folks were enjoying some white, but the weather does have its advantages.  In the beautiful and balmy days after Christmas we did a little local exploring.  Our time in Colorado has included adventures all around Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park and up to the Continental Divide, as well as parts of Boulder, Garden of the Gods, Lake Dillon and Vail, but we discovered a total treasure almost in our backyard.   That’s one thing I love most about living here – the amazing beauty around every corner.  I believe that is true of all God’s creation, but in Colorado it is just big stuff.  About 20 minutes west from our front door,  after passing through the slightly sketchy little town of Eldorado Springs (those are the best words, just a run-down former resort town with lots of people who frown at you when you speed by at 10mph), we took a hike through Eldorado Canyon.  It is amazing.  We got a kick out of looking at our pictures from that day, though, because there is total lack of depth and height perception.  Even when you are there in person, the effect is very similar.    The key is to know that there is a giant canyon between the hill we are hiking on and the rocks that are our backdrop.  Here’s my little picture study, pretty cool stuff.

Just a big rock, try to find the teeny tiny blue spot in the middle


Blue Spot is Bigger!


Blue Spot is a Man!

Here are some more photos, using Richard and Caroline for perspective:

Try to Find the Blue Spot Just above Richard's head to the right...

Blue Spot is A little Clearer

Blue Spot is Still a Man!

Of course, no picture study of mine is complete without the little Tuckers…


I know how easy it would be to wax philosophical on the whole looks can be deceiving thing with the little blue speck that is a man (camera zoom is so cool, isn’t it!) and the mountain face that could pass for a big rock in some photos, the canyon that divides us…all of these things can be good to ponder.  I just likened it to how faith works –  at some point you cannot “think” your way into understanding.  You trust and believe, and see past the canyon a little at a time.


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