Parental Desensitization

Perhaps some of you might relate to a few of the following.

Things I Have Become Desensitized to As a Parent:

1. Snot (belonging to my children)

2. Eating off the kitchen floor (ahem, the kids, that is)

3. Crushed up crackers ground into the car floormat

4. 120 decibels of noise coming from the adjacent seat on an airplane or the backseat of a car

5. Hair pulling

6. Hand prints on the inside of every single window in the car, every french door in the house, and most of the mirrors…not to mention on door jams, bannisters, walls, …

7. High-pitched screaming in grocery stores, Target, or Wal-Mart (whether originating from my cart or others)

8. Digging through a purse full of hotwheels, fruit snacks, hair bows, and the occasional board book to find chapstick.

                  8b. Wearing chapstick instead of lipstick.

9. Eating 70% of meals while standing, walking, or driving

10. The first five minutes of constant interrupting when I am on the phone or in the restroom

Things I Remain Sensitive to, even as a Parent:

1. Snot (belonging to children that are not my own)

2. When you pop a cheerio or goldfish in your mouth and realize too  late that it is soggy because someone has already licked or sucked on it

(this could apply to french fries, as well, especially when the perpetrator has discovered they are a very useful salt and ketchup delivery system)

3. Eating off the movie theater floor

4. Whining

5. Barney the Purple Dinosaur

6. The sixth minute of constant interrupting when I am on the phone or in the restroom.

7. Hugs and hearing “I love you, Mommy.” there is no equal.

Looking back, I certainly have experienced “growth” in areas I never thought possible.  I think parenthood might be the unrecognized cure for OCD, as well as for organization, a clean house, and perfect hair.


3 thoughts on “Parental Desensitization

  1. Judy Stevenson says:

    Interesting how the Lord uses our children…of all ages…to continue to “teach us in the way to go”.
    Love you and holding your hand as you live and walk through these precious years.

  2. Matthew greer says:

    Haha!!! I love it even though i am 11. Love the walmart and target screaming. Happens to us alot and sometimes its me.:)

  3. Damara says:

    Totally can relate!

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