Sweet Caroline

My sweet Caroline,

One decade ago we were preparing for our lives to change.  In a few months we would be having a baby.  We never could have guessed what a delightful and darling little girl you would be.  A good sleeper, a good eater, from the very beginning.  At naptime you always slept, whether in the crib, the car, the grocery store, or the best place, cuddled up on our chest.  You were so patient and easy going.  Before your little sister was born, I remember holding you on my lap and savoring the last taste of the time we had alone with you.  And yet, so thrilled at your new name – big sister. 

You are growing into such a responsible and nurturing young lady.  Your mind has endless potential.  You have recently discovered your love for reading, and it is awesome to watch you dive into a book with your newfound passion.  I agonize over your bouts with insecurity, and pray you would be filled with confidence.  Be confident, sweet one.  You are God’s precious creation.  He made you amazing.  Blue eyes so deep you can’t fathom their bottom. 

Chicken legs, getting so long you’ll soon smile down at your mommy.  Smooth olive complexion, born for the sun.  A heart and a life surrendered to God.  It will be a privilege to witness your journey, your race.  It will bring many laughs, too, my goofy girl.

Somehow we captured the exact expression you get when you are about to break out into one of your funny accents.  My oldest, I pray you would embrace the path that God has chosen for you, that the love you already have for those around you would grow until it just bursts from you, and that you would know as surely as you can how wonderful God made you.

I am so grateful for the gift of you.  Thank you for every “I love you.”  For some it is so easily said, but for you it is always thoughtful and calculated, which makes it especially precious.  My simple prayer for you, dear one,

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 15:13)

With all  my love and most honored to be called,

Your Mom


One thought on “Sweet Caroline

  1. Laura says:

    oh my i love your organization!!!! have a super week!

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