To Be Marfy

Martha Claire aka Martha Lou aka Marfy

Little mouse.  Who would have thought so much joy and sunshine could come from such a tiny package? 

From the moment you pushed yourself into this world, literally, our lives have been filled with so much laughter.  With all that fun, your little pieces of wisdom often stun me they are so unexpected.  I get a glimpse of the power your passion can have when it is focused in a serious way.


Your language is in hugs and kisses, and you are so generous with sharing them.  Your sweet little heart is stretched to capacity.  You wear it vulnerable, on your sleeve, which leaves it open to being hurt.  And that happens sometimes, my sensitive one.  But, where would we be if you didn’t share your heart so openly?  Besides, you have a way of bouncing back.

Your joy is contagious.  When I am with you I can’t help but be just a little Marfy sometimes.  Full of giggles.  Full of hugs.  Sassy.  Affectionate.  One of a Kind, Bright, Freckled, Passionate, Beautiful you.

“let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)


2 thoughts on “To Be Marfy

  1. What a beautiful post…kids are the best aren’t they!?

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