She can Laugh at the Days to Come

This past weekend I was honored and thrilled to have my sister, Elizabeth, visit from Atlanta, GA.  She journeyed out west with her two daughters, Anna and Catherine, and left behind her menfolk for some sister time.  We share an uncommon bond, we sisters.  For Elizabeth and me, not only are we both in the same season of raising our munchkins and walking through our faith, but we view much of life through the same lens because we share so many experiences from our youth.  We are also brought close by our common loves of family, bible study, Food Network, the beach, White House-Black Market, porch swings, bacon, Christmas, cheese, Southern Living magazine…the list is long and, well, to anyone who is not us, it is just long.  She knows me better than anyone except my husband.  I love this girl to pieces.

We had a blast getting to experience some Colorado together this weekend.  We took all the Greer girls to eat at our favorite spot in Boulder one night, took the kids up to the mountains for some snow adventures in Keystone, did some downtown time in Denver and introduced her to some of our good friends at church.  My VERY  generous husband offered to keep all four girls and William for us one day so that we could go skiing together at Copper Mountain, just us big girls.  I am so proud of my “Southern Fried” sister hitting the slopes after a 2 year

sabbatical, she looked great!  It was a day of enjoying God’s beautiful creation and each other.  I loved every minute of it. 

(I apologize for the close-up nature of many of the pics, I had to play photographer for us most of the time)       

Often when we are together people ask us who is older.  (I know they are being polite, but I love this!!)  Even though I am 20 months the senior, Elizabeth teaches me so much. One piece of wisdom she has reinforced lately is the importance of embracing the moment you

are in when you are in it, not dwelling in the past.  As the parent of a teenager she is also modelling an attitude that is committed to enjoying and taking advantage of the years to come instead of dreading them.  She shows joy in the moment and in what is to come from it.  This was particularly hard for me yesterday when I dropped her off at the airport.  As I was tearfully pulling away from the airport, the Rocky Mountains right in front of me, I couldn’t muster up any happiness at the beautiful sight that usually lifts my spirit.  For a little while I really didn’t like Colorado at all.  I was in an angry mood.  Angry about the meeting I needed to get ready for and the things at home calling for my attention because all of these distractions meant the visit was over, and I had to get back to life with my sister 2000 miles away.  I wanted to be on a plane with my family going back to the place I was born.  A sweet, gentle place with soft manners and ma’ams and y’alls and drawls.  

When I am with Elizabeth I am inspired to be more like her.  More wise, more patient, more faithful than I usually am.  When I think of Proverbs 31 I am always reminded of her, but yesterday, while I was wallowing in the sadness of missing my family, verse 25 in particular kept running through my mind, “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.”  It is so hard to be far away from my family, but I am confident that this is where God would have us right now.  Perhaps someday I will get to be closer to my kin, perhaps not.  I can laugh and rejoice, though, because there will come a day when we will be together always.  Elizabeth, you are worth far more than rubies.  Thank you for having a heart that seeks the King.  I love you, sister.


2 thoughts on “She can Laugh at the Days to Come

  1. Darlene says:

    You are a special woman Mary, and I can see that your sister is just as special! I know you will miss her, I am missing her for you. Truth is I believe you are an answer to a prayer I have prayed for a long long time. It is so wonderful to be able to share time and space with you my Sister in Christ, you have encouraged me in the trenches and strengthen my hands in the strom. I am blessed beyond words! Thank you!

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