Totally Tubular

While the Georgia cousins were out visiting us this past weekend we took them up to Keystone for some Colorado winter fun.

They had a great time in the sun and snow.                                                                              It all began with the Gondola ride up the mountain.  For some of us it is just a means of transportation up the mountain with some nice views, but these girls did not need an excuse for giggling and mass hysteria the entire weekend, so being suspended above the snow was all the more exciting.

Next, Snow Tubing!

This is what the tubing course looked like.  It is actually steeper than we expected.  The funky hamster house/long cylinder thing on the left side is the conveyor to bring you back up the hill.

Check out these two cuties…                            

                                                                                                                                                           And this studly fellow…                                                                                                     

And, this little guy.  Too short to ride, but not too short to sit in the tube and look cool.

After tubing we got to have some fun in the Kidtopia castle. 

This thing is built entirely out of snow.  I wonder what lucky guy gets this job? I love this picture of Cat climbing the rope ladder…

and this one of Will sliding, and this one of Caroline watching a stranger getting kicked in the head by another stranger…

And this picture is here because I will never have enough pictures of me and my sister together.                  

                                                                                 Especially when we’re in the middle of an ice castle getting ready to be plundered by snowboarders.

Too precious for words…

This is the effect riding gondolas, snow tube spectating and playing in ice castles has on two year olds.  May I just say, my man is so good lookin’…

How many of you can get along with another person for four solid days, giggling the whole time, and never argue once…

Neither can these two…although they’ve got nothin’ but love for each other, they just need a break every once in awhile to give their inner drama princesses some space.    

             On the other hand,

These two are totally inseparable.  It’s like they must share the same air to live.  I love this picture of them because the bouncy shuttle we were on made it blurry, but I think it looks kind of glowy around them.  That is how they look together.  Glowy.  Their friendship is a wondrous thing to behold.


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