Cookin’ It Up

There is a rut I occasionally stumble into that leaves me rather uninspired to be Chef Mom.  I’ve been there for a little while now.  Tonight was one of those nights when I didn’t really have an excuse not to be prepared for dinner, I just kept procrastinating thinking about it until I was desperately searching through the kitchen trying to find something to feed the hungry Tuckers.  No meat in the fridge, not even enough eggs for an omelet or a frittata.  No frozen pizzas in the freezer.  Then it occurred to me I could raid the pantry and come up with a delicious recipe from whatever I had in there that wouldn’t require meat…or vegetables…or eggs.  And, then I could blog about it!  I love reading cooking blogs like Pioneer Woman and I thought I might like to start a cooking category of my own, share some of our kitchen antics.

So, I actually took a picture of my pantry. (after I straightened it up just a tad)

Yes, not only did I take a picture of my pantry, I also actually posted it.

At least I kept it the thumbnail size.

Based on the contents of the pantry, the foundations of tonight’s masterpiece would consist of Girl Scout Cookies, Goldfish crackers, peanut butter (creamy or crunchy?) and Nutri-Grain Bars.   Which maybe wouldn’t be so bad.  But, for the sake of healthy living, we ended up with buttered pasta sprinkled with shredded parmesan and bacon.  Ahh, bacon.  Yes, I figure if the Italians can do something with prosciutto, then I can replicate it just a little better with bacon.  At any rate, maybe I’ll hold myself a little more accountable to trying new recipes, or just using old ones, if I’m trying to come up with something to document here.  In the meantime, thanks for bearing with me through the buttered noodle nights.


One thought on “Cookin’ It Up

  1. Gloria says:

    Hey, sounds like we’re kind of doing the same thing, trying to try out new recipes and stuff. I’m shooting for 1 new recipe/week. Do you want to share our successes and failures with each other? If you want a good success meal – see my blog post about the Chicken and Dumplings – so yummy!

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