Boogie Boy and Groovy Girl

Last week was our elementary school’s Daddy-Daughter Disco Ball.  It was a landmark year for us as it was Martha Claire’s first Daddy-Daughter Dance.  It was also the first year in the last five that Caroline didn’t go.  She opted to attend our youth group Lock-In at church instead.  Her decision didn’t bother Richard at all, so he said with a tear in his eye… Okay, the tear was in my eye.  Of course, we were happy to let her choose, I just can’t believe how old she is getting.  It is wonderful and scary and wonderful.  I’m laughin’ at the days to come, laughin’ at the days to come…

As for the dance, Boogie Boy and Groovy Girl had a great time. 

I got one text from Richard during the evening, “Your daughter is a maniac.”  Apparently, she has an insatiable appetite for the dance floor.  Especially when her partner is adept at throwing her in the air and spinning her around at high speeds.  She’ll be sorely disappointed when her partners are no longer twice her height and can’t do the same moves as her totally hip dad.  I’m glad we’ve got some time before the boys start calling for our girls.  In the meantime, they get to date the most far-out guy around.


3 thoughts on “Boogie Boy and Groovy Girl

  1. Bethany says:

    Mary, I love stopping by every once in a while to see what’s on your heart. This post? Precious! I love love love the picture and absolutely loved the text from Richard! How much fun was that dance!?!? That’s the good stuff for sure!!

  2. […] Although I pushed for the Tucker crew to go with the ‘Mad Men’ look, alas, it was out of reach – Caroline was not touching those fancy dresses with a ten foot pole.  I think the alternative ended up a thousand times better, especially since Soda Jerk is actually reusing his thrift-store pants from last year’s dance. […]

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