For Mom

Edith Converse Williams

March 8, 1951

Born out of the marsh and society of a seaside city.  Loving her genealogy and heritage, rebelling against its restraints.  Intelligent.  Witty.  Eating up the thick air of her youth.

Guitar-playing debutante.  Barefoot walks in the lowcountry leading to barefoot walks on the campus of an urban university in a time of youthful upheaval.  The city where she would become wife and mother.

Matriarch to three daughters, and then two sons and another daughter.  


Leaving the sweet, salty land of her birth and life for the bluegrass of her true love. Grandmother.  Dog lover.  World traveller.  Survivor.

Ya-ya.  Belle.  Shop-aholic.  Chef.  Decorator.  Reader.  Green thumb.  Political. 


Sometimes a little whacky.

Thriving on the love and thoughtfulness expressed in gifts.  Stronger than meets the eye.

Sixty years of living life.

Happy birthday, Mom.  I love you.


2 thoughts on “For Mom

  1. greerhome says:

    My favorite post so far!

  2. Mary Hoyt says:

    Happy Birthday, Edie!!! You’re amazing!!!

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