Mountains of Memories

The first year that we moved out to Colorado, my mother-in-law (aka Nana) and father-in-law (aka Grundaddy) came up with a wonderful idea.  They offered to bundle all of our birthday and Christmas presents into lift tickets and lessons for Spring Break skiing in beautiful Breckenridge.  My mother-in-law would even fly out to help babysit the too-young-to-ski crowd, and maybe catch a couple of runs down the mountain, too.  Of course, we agreed, what a great idea.  I don’t think we ever could have known what an amazing gift they were offering.  We have had family time, husband-wife time, mommy-daughter time, daddy-daughter time, Nana time, … time for some incredible and precious memories.   Like these…

The girls ready to take on ski school.

We came across Martha Claire’s little ski class on the slopes.  

                                                                                               Her instructor was pretty impressed, by the end of the day our girl was actually beginning to master the parallel turn, and this is only her 2nd time on the slopes. 

                                                               Go, Marfy!

A snowy family morning on the mountain, the girls showed us what they had learned in their lessons the day before. 

They are little rockstars.

Contrary to the sunny smiles of the day before, Marfy is actually crying behind her gator.  It was cold and snowy for the little mouse – we let her call it a day.

Splash time with Nana, ’cause it’s not all about the snow.  William’s karate kid pose.

The indoor-outdoor pool.  Personally, I prefer the indoor part.  Although, it is pretty cool to be surrounded by the snow and mountains while you swim.

Just some kidding around…I can’t help myself, they’re so cute…and all getting along, miraculously.

Richard and I got lots of much desired “date” time .  More about that in another post to come…

The last day, Caroline and I had some time together to ski and explore.

My sweet girl, she summoned up the courage to take me through Ripparoo’s forest even though she had come out of her ski in there a couple days before.   Sure enough, over the bridge and into a big dip in the trail and Mommy busted, but Caroline kept her feet beneath her.  When you read a sign warning that it is an adventure for kids,

take them seriously.  The younger you are, the closer you are to the ground.  Ouch.

                                                                       Nana and Grundaddy, we can never thank you enough for these times we have gotten to share together.  We will treasure them always.  We love you!


One thought on “Mountains of Memories

  1. Gloria says:

    Looks like a great time! We missed you yesterday, but glad you were getting som family time.

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