Little Man of Three

William.  Willis.  Wildebeest.  Little man in the house.

I cannot tell you how surprised and excited we were to find out that you were a boy. 

We were certain that God’s story for us would only include lots of little girls, high heels, dresses and drama. 

He had other plans.

Like Hotwheels.  Thomas the Train.  Tee-ball.  Bruises.  Messes.


We thought that your sisters had taught us so much.

But, girls are from Venus, boys are from Mars. 

We had no idea how different life would be with a William in it.

Much more noise.

Much more WWF.

Much more bloody noses.

Much more fun.                                                                 

Someday you will meet a girl. 

We are already praying for her.

She is a very lucky lady. 

I will try to let you go. 

In the meantime,

I always thought I was a one guy kind of gal.

Turns out I was wrong.

Two is better than one.

(Umm, don’t tell your Dad,

although he’s already a little suspicious)

Swamp Thing,

I think I love you!

Yes, I do.

Thank you for making it a little bit simpler for me in my later mommying years.  When you’re mad, you say you’re mad.  When you’re glad, you say you’re glad. 

You are not coy.

You are just a boy.

With the heart and growl of a lion.  And,



the courage and boldness of one.

In a matter of hours we will celebrate the moment we welcomed you into our lives and hearts three years ago.  My, how time flies.

My son, I pray that you will desire to surrender your life to your Savior.  I pray you will walk with the Lord so that you may follow in His mighty footsteps, “And the child grew and became strong; he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon him.” Luke 2:40


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