Spring Scrapbook

These last few weeks have just flown by, and in the middle of that my computer hard drive crashed (3rd time in 3 years…)  So, while I am getting used to a new computer and an already-speeding-by summer, I wanted to put together some of the highlights of our spring.

Picture it:  100 plus kindergarteners on a field trip to the Denver Aquarium.  Throw a 3 year old William in there.  Most peaceful, relaxing day of my life…not.  But, they sure do love those fish!  It was worth every crazy moment:

Martha Claire is in a Daisy troop that I am leading with another mom.  These girls are just plain adorable, every minute is an adventure with them.  We had our end of the year meeting at some of the farms across the street from our neighborhood.  The girls had a wonderful time terrorizing some poor, unsuspecting chickens and feeding baby cows.  The highlight, though, was definitely the beautiful horses.

Martha Claire had a big day at her Kindergarten graduation.  I can’t believe this magical year is over, the year of the kindergarten carpet.  For some reason, it is a big deal to me when they graduate to the “desk” style of 1st grade…once you go desk you don’t get to go back to the spotted carpet…sigh

For the record, her hair was in the headband when I sent her off to school.  Had to get my obsessive mommy comment in.

I feel better.

Memorial Day weekend we got to watch Marfy perform in her ballet recital.  Our sweet framily came to show their support, and afterwards we were surprised with some beautiful weather and got to grill and chill outside, it was so much fun…

For a minute there this was looking like the ‘May of Marfy’…

Now that we are on the June side of things and looking back, it really was a fun and fast spring.  God’s blessings to us are many indeed.  I am looking forward to the adventures this summer holds…


4 thoughts on “Spring Scrapbook

  1. Mom says:

    If we could only catch our breaths have some allusive family only time. Keep doing what you do–you have it. You can kick back when they are grown–dreadful thought–and regret the time you didn’t have, even though you did. I love the Tuckers-sharing your hearts, your time and your love around. You never know when you touch a chord in someone else and give them an entire day of joy remembering when God blessed them with their own beautiful memories. Thanks for making my day. Mom

  2. greerhome says:

    Love the review of Spring-summer is here!!

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