Lucky 13

Yesterday, Richard and I celebrated our thirteenth wedding anniversary.

Thirteen is just a weird number in terms of anniversaries.

For some reason we put a lot of weight on the paper and precious stone years like 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, etc…and neglect poor number 13.  For me, I have been looking at this anniversary as if our marriage is becoming a teenager.  Now, I don’t have a teenager.     Yet!  But, I am getting close (and some days she can make it seem VERY close!).  And, I was a teenager once.  What I haven’t blocked out, I remember.  And, I know some teenagers kinda well…like, my precious nephews.  Let’s face it.  It is a time of ups and downs…inside and outside of our bodies.  I don’t know what the next few years hold for our family.  But, I know we have a God who will love us and take care of us no matter what.  And, I know that my twenties and my thirties have been my best years in life yet, so if we experience any growing pains in our marriage over the next several years, we still have so much to look forward to!

I’ve never gotten to celebrate our anniversary in the blog before, so I thought I’d put up some of our vintage wedding shots, because I love having fun with the scanner.  And, it’s my blog…so, I can!

And, this one is mandatory.

And, finally, this next picture, which is one of my favorites.  Everyone in this picture is either a grandparent, parent, sibling, or sibling-in-law.  (of which there was only one at the time)  You can see why we might not have many pictures of this whole entire group.  As a matter of fact, this is the only one.  Another cool fact you probably never knew you wanted to know – I had the honor of sharing my wedding date with my first grandmother to my left.  Unfortunately, my grandfather was ill and was not able to travel to attend the ceremony.  They are no longer here on this earth, but they loved Jesus and each other, and were married for over 50 years.  I love the fact that we share in some of that legacy on our anniversary!

Thirteen years of dinners together.  Family vacations.  Three apartments.  Four houses.  Four cities (one of them twice).  Babies.  Toddlers.  Girls.  A Boy.  Saturday morning pancakes.  Football games.  Christmases.  Easters.  Beaches.  Mountains.  Lakes.  Deserts.  Friends.  Weddings.  Funerals.  Sickness.  Health.  Thin times.  Abundant times.  Better.  Worse.  Even better than before.  Thirteen years of amazing.

Happy anniversary, my love.


6 thoughts on “Lucky 13

  1. Richard says:

    I love you .

  2. Gloria says:

    AWWWW!! Happy anniversary you two! Love the vintage wedding pics!

    Although somehow, Mary, I never tagged you for a poofy-cinderella-dress kind of girl!! Not saying there’s anything wrong with it, I was one myself!! Gotta have your princess day just once, right? You were (and still are) beautiful!

    • tuckeredout5 says:

      Girl, I should show you some pics of my prom dresses!!! But, you are right, we all get our princess day, and I loved it!! Thanks!

      • CarolPinar DeFord says:

        Can you post them on Facebook? How many proms did you go to? BTW I save the group picture even though I could identify only a few. Like Aunt Mary, your dad and mom.

  3. kristy says:

    This made me tear up! Congrats Rich & Mary!! You have a wonderful marriage with many more great years to come.

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