Summer Log Two – Georgia On My Mind

Our summer journey saga continues – the first 1000 miles ended in a family-filled week at Lake Barkley in Kentucky.  The next 400 or so miles took us to my homeland of Georgia, specifically Decatur which was loaded with pork ribs, fossils, and good times.  We had a blast visiting with my dad, stepmom, sister and brother.  And eating pig.  And a big orange cake shaped like a T.

My kids had a little bit of fun spazzing out with Aunt Becca and Uncle Hank.  Uncle Hank had a little bit of fun spazzing out with them.  Can you guess where he’s going to college next month?  Hint:  it is NOT the University of Texas.

To celebrate Hank’s impending induction into the Vol nation (that’s University of Tennessee, ladies and gentlemen), my stepmom made him a big ol’ orange T carrot cake.  It was delish.

I forgot to take a picture before we devoured.

But, I got some during and after:

Before we arrived we asked to bring some fried chicken so that Fran would not have to do all this work.  Our offer was rejected.  She wouldn’t really want me to mention much, but she is fighting a battle right now, and in the midst of all the challenges she faces daily, she still insists on feeding us good home cookin’ and laughing with us till we’re all worn out.  She is a warrior.

My dad has developed a new hobby in the years of my marriage.  He loves to go out to the Dakotas or scuba diving in Florida to hunt for fossils.  He is very passionate about his paleontological interest, and Marfy might have caught on to some of that.  After dinner we found she had snuck off to check out some old bones.

Cute thing.

Paleontological is a big word, by the way.

This is the mandatory group shot (sans Ricardo, who was photographer) from the littles and myself, to Becca, Hank and her beau, to my parents.

We were only in the state of Georgia for 18 hours, but it turns out it will take two installments to detail our time of fellowship there.  In the south, there is nothing like a short story turned into a long, tall tale.  I wouldn’t want to depart from tradition.


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