Summer Log Three – (middle) Georgia on My Mind

Our journey continued southeastward (and we were going to drive until we hit salt water!) Before our final destination on the trip, we got to see some fabulous people in Forsyth, GA.  They don’t all actually live in Forsyth, but since it was en route, some of them were willing to meet us there, too.  And eat more pig.  And caramel cake.  And play with little birds and bunnies.

We are boys, therefore we eat.

By the way, if you’ve never tried white sauce on barbecue, I highly recommend you try it today.  Mr. Kerry, pictured here, makes the best in the world, but you can probably come close to imitating his delicious flavor (he says you can google white bbq sauce).  Trust me, you might not go back to the red stuff ever again.

Richard had a good ol’ boy greeting for Tee.  Yup, that’s how we do it in the south.

Once again, playing with the shutter burst is so fun.  Especially when Caroline, a little bird, and little Tee work their action.

Where’d he go?

These are my fabulous girls.  Minus one, who could only be present via a lovely picture.

These ladies play such a special role in my life.  We were called together during a season when we all lived minutes from each other.  Not a perfect life among us, but we have a perfect God who brought us together.  They know my nitty gritty.  I know theirs.  They call me out on my nitty gritty.  I repay the favor.  It takes prayer, love and humility to be accountable to others.  They are amazing women.  Even hundreds of miles away, when I talk to them it’s like we are only minutes apart again, yet only one remains in our original town now.  I love you, my fabulous friends.

Here are all the kids who were present, plus my nieces who were making this leg of the journey with us, too.  They didn’t have trouble fitting right in.

I am not sure what was going on with little Jack’s eye, but I had 10 shots and this one had the most of his sweet little face.  I love this adorable group!!

Finally, the grown-up group shot.  Taken by Caroline, our budding photographer.

Pretty good pic, sweet girl!  Some people think that in the south we know at least half the people, and we are related to the rest.  Well, it’s true.  We are so blessed with all these folks, sometimes it feels like we are shoving a lot of memories into just a few precious moments.  That is true of our time on this trip, and we treasure these memories as well as the technology that keeps us together when we are apart.  Love y’all to pieces!


3 thoughts on “Summer Log Three – (middle) Georgia on My Mind

  1. Richard says:

    I see that you decided not to point out the Tee and Kerry are wearing mathing seersucker shorts. Those fellas are so pretty.

  2. kea mitchell says:

    Brotha, what a great post…..and what fun we had!!! Love you so very much!!!!

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