Summer Trip Log Four – Sea at Last!

It is September.  Thus, it makes perfect sense that I am finishing my journal about our JULY trip back east.  At least, if you could be a fly on the wall of my life lately, maybe it would be clear that we have been b-u-s-y going back to school, getting revved up for a new year of activities.  Since the fall is coming on strong, though, I do want to finish remembering our journey from the summer, because unfinished projects drive me crazy and take up space in my head that I cannot afford to waste.  Plus, I have actually gotten a request or two to do this – and for those of you who have been holding your breath – or have at least been looking forward to the next installment, cause you would not be reading this if you had been holding your breath this long – I cannot thank you enough for staying with my very sporadic blog as of late.  I’m hoping that with the organization of our day-to-day routine will come enough organization of my thoughts to record them here more often again.  I hope.  It is possible I left all my good brain cells with a big chunk of my heart on the Atlantic coast this summer.  So, at last, it’s time to delve into some nitty, gritty sand.

We became good friends with the rest stops in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia before we finally arrived and saturated our senses with some salt and sand.  Some cousins and boogie boards.  Some boiled peanuts and boiled shrimp.  Some sunburn and sunscreen.  Catch my drift(wood)?

Before I begin to bombard you with my pictorial representations of wonderful times at the beach, I just have to say – in my lifetime of family vacations, they have all been good.  Occasionally, though, they are hugely good, like good on steroids.  Great location, yummy food, clear weather, no trips to the emergency room, no stress.  (okay, okay – one little trip to Urgent Care for an ear infection doesn’t really count) Besides that, perfect memories.  This year was one of those years.

Ahh, the beach house.

It could be ours.  If we sell one or two of our children.

The view might be worth it, especially at night:

All seven cousins in the ocean.

Jumping waves.

Do you remember when you could do that for an entire day?  I can.

They can.

I love seeing them all together.

Man time happens where the waves break.

Caroline & Anna

If 1800 miles on land can’t keep these two soul sisters apart, certainly no silly waves will.

Cat and Will in action.

They formed a pretty

sweet bond this year.

This pose reminds me of something.



Uncle Wes surprised the kiddos with boogie boards one day.  They were the hit of the week, especially with Marfy.  She is a soul surfer, for sure.

We did a little bit of sightseeing in downtown Fernandina and at the port.

Shrimp are big there.

They have statues of them everywhere to prove it.

It’s no secret that I love my sister.

When I am with my sister, I laugh about 95% of the time.

About nothing.

About everything.

It’s why I took a picture of this shop sign in Fernandina:

And, why I have to include so many pictures of us together.

It’s also no secret that I love my man.

I would love him even if he didn’t fully support me finding a beach house online, sight unseen, then driving 30 hours to get there and spend a week with my family.  And, take lots of pictures of me laughing with my sister.  But, he does.  So, I do.

As a matter of fact, this next photo is his favorite and that is why I am including it.  Some pictures really are worth a thousand words.  This is my sister’s family.  Can you guess how they roll at picture time?

I can’t believe we caught this moment on film.  Perfection.

The girls got into some ringin’ around with Will.

To the left is my nephew, Matthew.

Matthew Bieber.

He is not ashamed of how much attention he pays his ‘do’.

I love that boy.

And his hair.

This trip will be remembered as the year of the turtle.  We had a lot of sightings, so I have to include at least one:

Sorry, it’s a bit hazy, I grabbed my camera from inside the house and took this picture before the little guy got away. (he was faster than the average tortoise)  The haziness resulted from this thing called humidity smacking my cold lens with some moisture.  Being in Colorado, I have almost forgotten what that is.  Almost.

This picture is the opposite of a thousand words for me.  It’s short and sweet.

Family.  Love.  Memorable.  I’d go back if I could.

(Wendy, this one is for you – thanks for the push!  And, thanks for reading!!)


4 thoughts on “Summer Trip Log Four – Sea at Last!

  1. Katherine Thompson says:

    Well first of all I LOVE your blue dress – it is fabulous!! You all look beautiful!! Also, I can so appreciate a man with JB hair – I have one of those!! Miss you and love you!!

  2. Wendy says:

    I remember those times at the beach with our entire family when the children were little and Wes was single. Then Elizabeth came along and there are more of those memories with her and new little ones for a few years. The beach is one place I go to discover just how good God has been to me and how blessed I am! Thank you for sharing your time!
    (Your sister dared me to mentioned the unfinished trip and I can hardly resist a dare!)

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