So I Married a Soda Jerk

Last weekend was the Delightful Daughter Ball at the girls’ school.  It was pretty momentous for us because it heralded the end of an era – Caroline’s final daddy-daughter gala.  It was also the only one she has ever attended with Martha Claire.  The theme was the 50’s…but, you might could have guessed that:

Although I pushed for the Tucker crew to go with the ‘Mad Men’ look, alas, it was out of reach – Caroline was not touching those fancy dresses with a ten foot pole.  I think the alternative ended up a thousand times better, especially since Soda Jerk is actually reusing his thrift-store pants from last year’s dance.

I stayed home and had a date of my own with the little man, so I didn’t get to witness all the fun and excitement of the dance, but I caught these two reliving some of the fun the next day in the kitchen –

Whoever thought a soda jerk would be so much cooler than The Fonz or Don Draper?!? I am one lucky girl.


2 thoughts on “So I Married a Soda Jerk

  1. Tell the girls Papa was a soda jerk when he was in HS. The drug store is gone but when you come to see us we can find one nearby

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