Storybook Life

Have you ever looked at someone and thought that they just had a storybook life?

Well, it turns out that I do:

This book was sent to us by a sweet aunt who found it in a used book store.  What a darling gift!

Really, when we have been living life for a little while, we know that no one’s life is what it appears to be.  Certainly, we come to know that there are no storybook lives.  A casual acquaintance might make one assumption about you based on a few impressions.  A good friend knows the ins and outs and struggles of your day to day life.  A longtime friend knows the valleys and peaks of your history.  And, even more, what you were like when you began the journey compared to what you are like now.  Based on the back cover, my life is like this:

Picnics, parties, vacation trips!  This describes our lives perfectly!  (Okay, I admit it, this even sounds like my blog sometimes!) Except, the cat – my husband and daughter are allergic.  And, the dog – we don’t have a yard big enough.  And, no one calls me Mother – just Mom and Mommy.  And, …our children’s names don’t even rhyme.  Wait a minute.  I think they got it all wrong!

No, there are some truths I can glean from this blurb.  The ‘fun-loving’ part.  We do love fun…who doesn’t?  And, the ‘something exciting is always happening at their house’ part.  Although, what is exciting around here doesn’t always seem exciting to the rest of the world.  For instance, last weekend we made a Helen Keller bottlehead doll for a school project!!!!!!  Not exciting?  Whatever!!   Take a look and…

color me excited!!

Yes, for those of you who have never seen this particular species of school project before, a ‘bottlehead’ is not to be confused with a ‘bobblehead’.

It is a water bottle with a stationary foam head attached to the top. It must also be ‘dressed’ in period-appropriate clothing.

Did you know that Helen Keller was a socialist?

Well, now you do.

She was also the first deaf-blind person to graduate from college with a Bachelor of Arts degree and she championed for the rights of the deaf-blind.  You probably knew that.

She also won an academy award. Ha!

See what I mean?  Exciting stuff.

Okay, sorry to have steered away from my original theme.  I couldn’t resist educating you all on the delights of 5th grade biography assignments.  Back to the task at hand…

Here on my blog, on my facebook page, even on the corner in my suburban neighborhood – I can make my life look like whatever I want.  My house could really appear to be ‘the wonderful house’.  Truth is, we know pain.  We know loss.  We know anger and hurt.  We know impatience.  I bet so do the ‘Fill in any last name’s’. The real story is in how we let these difficulties play out in our lives.  Do we allow God to use them for good?  Do we hear God’s Word and then allow it to change us? Or, do we harbor and hoard our troubles, clinging to them in secret like a life raft, but afraid to expose them to the world because they might distort our cover illustration?  If we are too attached to or too ashamed of our problems to share them, we are stuck and not going anywhere.

I think I am pretty transparent.  But, probably not enough.  What I perceive as openness is probably not what you perceive as me being open.  I do want to share that we are far from the wonderful Tuckers all the time.  In real life, Mommy Tucker struggles with pride and independence, with talking too much, with patience and self-control, with loving people more than myself.  The little Tuckers talk back sometimes.  Sometimes a lot of times. And, the attitudes they can have – I could go on and on. God can change me and use me anyway, though, and it is my hope and prayer that He does.  He can do the same for all of us. He is that good.  If we trust Him with our troubles as well as our joys, he will write a story better than any fiction.  A true story.  The best part: a life surrendered to Him always ends happily ever after.