If you’ve still got breath in you, the adventure isn’t over…click here to learn more

“life” for a bunch of southern implants trying to live out their faith in the wild west

I am a Georgia girl, born and raised, who attended Georgia Tech, married her best friend, Richard (who is a hunk, by the way), had a brief stint in engineering before I took early retirement to stay at home with our 3 children – Caroline, Martha Claire (aka Marfy) and William.  My husband’s job brought us to Colorado, away from sweet tea and the sweetest women in the world – my family and friends.  I treasure my roots in the beautiful and lush bible belt of the southeast, but there is no landscape that stirs my heart like the majestic beauty of Colorado.  I love living here.  Everyday I go for a walk for the view, not the exercise.  This is also a place where God is stretching my faith and my ability to trust Him more than ever before, and, most days, I am so thankful for that.  Everyone has a story, and as with most others mine has rebellion, loss, and redemption.  This blog is just a part of it.  Thanks for playing a role in the “telling.”


4 thoughts on “If you’ve still got breath in you, the adventure isn’t over…click here to learn more

  1. Hubbey says:

    You are a good writer.

  2. Mom says:

    My precious, talented daughter is off and running. You can’t believe how excited I am about your blog. I know I raised you right, you are still a girl with a warm Southern spirit and sweet tea in her veins. Sharing your faith with such fervor and raising those beautiful children, however, also demonstrate that as well as the YaYa hell raiser of your Southern girlhood you are a woman of strength, courage, and Godly love. I am so proud of you. Mom

  3. Judy Stevenson says:

    From one transplanted (by God as there are NO accidents with Him) southern woman from Birmingham who also loves her sweetened tea with lots of lemons to another….I am so glad He blessed this older girl with knowing you! There will be some great adventures… of that I am sure! We know too much (and yearning for more of His Word) …about His grace and mercy to keep a lid on us… We are compelled to tell others, especially those from the byways of life, that Jesus said: “Come!”…..

    Love you to pieces…and then those!

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